SlimLED new generation LED lighting.

KRYSTIAN Sp. z o. o. is a rapidly developing team of experts in the lighting sector. Our 26 plus years of experience, in cooperation with scientifc research institutes, keeps us at the cutting edge of development and innovation. As the leader in state-of-theart technologies, we have been adopting LED-based solutions for our SlimLED light fxtures, where the sources of illumination are integrated into the lampholders.

SlimLED fixtures are Polish in every respect, which ensures their quality and durability. They are distinguished by their high quality, with manufacturing processes based on modern assembly lines. SlimLED fxtures meet EU requirements, ensuring that SlimLED denotes safety for both health and the environment.

SlimLED is a professional-level luminaire to replace double fluorescent light fxtures. It has many uses in:

  • public utility buildings (schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, and shopping malls)
  • farm buildings
  • technological buildings (production halls, repair shops, and warehouses;
  • logistics centres, garages, and air-conditioned facilities


We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns regarding the use of the LED lighting system.

We will also make an individual analysis of economic savings that can be obtained by using energy-saving SlimLED lighting fittings.